ENGLISH - A PAL leva-nos aos cheiros de verão, à brisa do mar, ao cabelo salgado, às bochechas douradas, leva-nos ao imaginário da nossa infância, onde o verão parecia interminável e o único desejo seria que as férias nunca terminassem.
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Summer Collection 2019

So many hats

PAL takes us back to summer fragrances, the sea breeze, salty hair, golden cheeks, it takes us back to our childhood imagination, when summer seemed endless and our only wish was that vacation would never end.

We only want one thing. For our children to be happy and if we pass on these values from a fun and free childhood, then we’re all about the hats, and going back to the summer of the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Proudly Portuguese.

Each piece is unique and filled with great pride, this is the only way to ensure authentic dedicated love. Harvested before it becomes rye, when it reaches the most perfect shade of gold, the straw is set out to dry, cut to size and divided into small bundles. Next, it’s braided and hand sewn by Portuguese craftsmen with years of dedication in traditional hat making.

We take off our hats to sunny days, to summer that brings us even more happiness, to the laughs and jokes of the kids ant to the little details that make this a great life.

Deixamos um especial agradecimento a todos os que colaboraram no nosso vídeo e contribuiram para os nossos pequenos ficarem ainda mais felizes.

A special thanks to Raquel from Baumilha that dressed our small and big protagonists, to Márcia and Marco that beyond the creative direction of the video they were always smiling openly and ready to help. And to Marisa Martins for being carried away on this adventure with us and supporting us from the first moment. Photographs and scenery were the art of Daniela Sousa.

We also give a little hug to the smalll, but big actors in this video who have always been up to challenge: Matilde, Kiki, Afonso, Mateo and Clarinha.

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